Sharp Tea


Sharp Tea is powerfully-infused.


Sharp Tea™ has been a deliciously creative and innovative brand since 2020.

Sharp Tea comes in a 3.5oz tin can and is available in two blends; Magical and Mindful.

The Magical blend is infused with premium shroom products while the Mindful blend is a cannabis-infused product.

Brewing Instructions: Start with a preheated cup or pot. Use cold fresh water (bottled or filtered is recommended). Bring the water to a rolling boil. Don’t let it boil too long as this will result in a flat tasting cup of tea. Use one level teaspoon of loose tea per cup. Poor hot water over the tea leaves. Brew 3-5 minutes. If using an infuser, be sure to fill it only half full to allow proper infusion of the tea leaves. is the official site for Sharp Tea™ products.

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Magical, Mind-Expanding, Mix


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